DIMITRI PRODUCTIONS is a brainchild of an “artist couple”, Lou Bonnevie and Toto Gentica, whose love and passion for music and the arts have found it to be the perfect vehicle to share, create and produce various  shows and presentations, television specials and other music productions such as TV/video/movie scoring and commercial “jingle” composing and arranging as well as album producing for both local and foreign clientele.

Capitalizing mainly on Lou and Toto’s innate talents as creative artists and entrepreneurship. Dimitri Productions eventually expanded on getting the services of other experts  and production personnel.

In the past years, DIMITRI PRODUCTIONS has successfully staged and produced  quality shows that have appealed to various audiences all over the Philippines. Its production is characterized with excellent technical support ,good repertoire programming, provision of  respectable and reliable array of performers,  professional sound/audio and lights system and design and equally competent engineers and in-house technicians.

Most of our concerts have also been properly exposed to MEDIA  via our in-house publicist who creates and promotes press releases , radio plugs in top pop stations and television plugs in  tandem with our events.
From 1992 Dimitri Productions, then with its umbrella company Sonata Recording Studios/Records have had the opportunity to be of service to several local and international recording companies in their various music projects. BANDAI,POLYDOR and other foreign labels mostly from Asia have worked with our in house arranger/composer Toto  Gentica for a series of music scores on “anime”.

By that time,Dimitri Productions have also embarked on  independent album productions in the local market which were distributed by Ivory,BMG & Alpha Records.

In 1993, Dimitri Productions came up with its first musical teleision special co-produced with Channel 5 which was critically acclaimed for its MTV style and the use of computer effects combined with “live” shots. 

The same year, it staged and produced  “The First Puerto Galera Music Fest” in Mindoro featuring the country’s foremost alternative reggae and rock & roll bands.The success and exposure of this event actually triggered the emergence of other musicfests around the country.

In 1997, DIMITRI produced the first ever original Filipino multi-lingual opera entitled “Lapu-Lapu”  at the Main Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. From then on, it continued to produce and stage other conceptualized shows and events with the  music festival tours, tribute shows, youth concerts, theater shows and other cause oriented performances all over the Philippines.

We continue to be successful  as one of the country’s leading commercial producer and arranger of  jingles for various multi -national corporations and leading Manila advertising agencies, handling  corporate and special events, video requirements for AVP’s and  infomercials . Our Digital Audio Video Studio is complete with a profesional line of equipment and  we continue to work with enthusiasm and a “hands-on” approach looking  forward to more challenging projects ahead.

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