Born  in BICOL,Philippines in October 6,1965

Launched  her career in 1984 via a concert,”NEXT IN LINE”

The history of the Philippine pop rock music would not be complete without a discussion  on LOU BONNEVIE .

She personifies the quintessential artist: versatile, confident, and high on energy…..

The possessor of  a  great rock voice, LOU BONNEVIE displays an astonishing  virtuosity, able to handle the rough edged rockers as well as the tender ballads.

Ten years after jumping headlong into themusic scene , LOU   BONNEVIE  hasn’t   diminished her energy and determination to expand and develop her art. .Rather, it has given her a  veteran’s sense , and  the  patience to choose  when and where to expose herself and her art.

Music lovers remember LOU BONNEVIE for rock ballads delivered with such passion that her voice doesn’t only weep,it bleeds.LOU  is one of the few female performers who can come up with  the same intensity  in both vocal prowess  and performance.

The few who can deliver rock, pop and slow  numbers effectively on the same breath… LOU BONNEVIE is currently swinging from “live” performing to producing music festivals, concerts   albums and operas. Working behind the scenes provides the correct pace in her career, giving her room for more creation and inspiration.

With her wit, charm and talent, LOU BONNEVIE definitely belongs to a rare breed of artists who live the art and not just cry it out.