Dimitri productions with creative director TOTO Gentica and executive producer LOU Bonnevie is in the helm of preparing for a one-of-a kind Christmas event on December 21.  “KASKAS,KALABOG,KALEMBANG NG PASKO YEAR 2006” It is a three part Christmas musical extravaganza  sponsored by the local government of Quezon City through its amiable Mayor Sonny Belmonte and will be held at the Quezon City Hall Open Grounds, FREE to the public.

The first part will be a children’s show which will start at 3:30pm with a grand parade then segue to an exhibition of  magic and circus, dances with the mascots, excerpts  from the Philippine Ballet Theatre’s Cinderella, ceremonial gift giving by Santa , appearances of popular superheroes and spectacular fireworks.

At around 8pm, the audience will be treated to an even more extravagant musical journey with the performance of the 58-pc Manila Philharmonic Orchestra  under the baton of Prof. Rodel Colmenar. They will be joined by  pop diva Kuh Ledesma, young heartthrob balladeer Christian Bautista, Belter Sheryn Regis, versatile group The Company, Star in A Million performer OJ Mariano and pop rock producer Lou Bonnevie. Mary the Queen Childrens’ Choir and The UP Vocal Ensemble who will serenade a capella and grandiose Christmas carols. Highlights include Kuh and Christian’s Duet of “The Prayer” Lou Bonnevie’s orchestral rock version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, The Company’s novelty Christmas medleys and a finale with everyone singing Mariah Carey’s version of  “Joy To The World’.

The Quezon City Christmas celebration will end with the energetic performances of top music band icons Orange and Lemons and Rivermaya.

“We are inviting everyone to come and celebrate with us on this day. It is a very special presentation and quite difficult to put together with over 300 people involved. But we really we want to reach out to the Filipino familiesand share a feeling of happiness and enjoyment through this presentation.

Everyone is invited to be a part KASKAS,KALABOG,KALEMBANG ng Pasko. Just troop down the Quezon City Hall Open Grounds with your friends and family and savor a whole day Christmas treat you will surely enjoy. Remember, this event is for FREE!

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